Nothing Can Calm This Crying Baby—Except His Mom's Dirty Laundry

Holy adorable. This little guy was in tears...until he caught a whiff of his mama's shirt. Does your baby do this?

Have you ever felt that intense sense of withdrawal when you step away from your baby for even the shortest amount of time? If so, the feeling is probably mutual—at least if this viral video is any indication.

The video shows an adorable three-month-old who is spending some quality time alone with his dad while his mom runs errands. And while the dad is doing a great job, the little guy won't stop crying. That is, until the dad lets him take a whiff of his mom's shirt, which he pulls out of the laundry basket.

The baby's reaction to the smell is the sweetest thing, and it's the perfect example of the beautiful bond between mothers and their children. This little guy isn't the only baby who can only be comforted by that mama smell—social media users are commenting on the video with similar stories.

"My 9yo breastfed forever. She still hugs me and says, 'Mom, I love how you smell.' I always ask what I smell like and she replies, 'My mommy,'" one mom writes. (Side note: This comment melted our hearts).

"Used this trick with my baby when my wife went back to work! My wife wondered why I had her dirty shirts and bras all over the place, thought I was nuts til I told her why! Lol," a father shares.

That mama-baby attachment is real—and knowing you're the only thing in the world that calm your baby? Well, that's sort of the best feeling in the world.