Ready, Set, Baby! A Baby E-Book for Tech-Savvy Parents

Here are five reasons why you should spit up the five bucks for this new baby app.


If you're like most expectant parents (especially first-timers!), you've already devoured all the usual books about what to expect when your little one makes her debut. You know the 5 S's by heart, you've completed your infant CPR class and you use Ferberize as a verb.

Ready, Set, Baby! — the latest book in the parenting genre — is somewhat of a "best of" of the advice that's already out there, but unlike traditional paper tomes, this reassuring, informative e-book is a "watch and learn guide to your baby's first year," featuring 80 instructional videos. Meaning you actually get to see the advice — like how to install a car seat — in action.

Written by Maureen Connolly, a former staffer at Parenting magazine and The Dr. Oz Show who is the co-author of The Essential C-Section Guide and co-editor of Unbuttoned, a breastfeeding anthology, Ready, Set, Baby! features five leading baby experts on topics ranging from nursing to swaddling to sleep training, and even offers links to recommended products. So ... is it worth a $4.99 iTunes download? In this new mom's opinion, it is. Here are five reasons why you should spit up the five bucks:

1. The car seat videos

It's a rite of passage for new parents: figuring out what kind of car seat to buy, managing to install it somehow, then fearfully wondering if you did it right. Ready, Set, Baby! breaks down the whole rear-facing-only vs. convertible debate, and features easy-to-follow videos that demonstrate installation. This taxi-taking New Yorker especially appreciated the video (featuring pediatrician and child passenger safety instructor Dr. Alisa Baer) demonstrating how to install your car seat without its base. Watch and learn: You're going to want to leave the house as soon as possible!

2. It's not anxiety-provoking

After nine months of pregnancy, I'll admit it: I was dying for a glass of wine. Or two. According to Ready, Set, Baby! even nursing moms can treat themselves to a glass of wine, or even (gasp!) two cups of coffee.

3. It's honest about breastfeeding

Ready, Set, Baby! nails the truth about breastfeeding for many women: it is both hard (in some ways, especially at first) and easy (in others, especially later). And yes, overwhelming as it may be, it pays to have a look at the different holds and latches BEFORE you have a hungry baby in your arms. Ready, Set, Baby! makes this easy by providing instructional videos and slideshows. Formula-feeding parents will find plenty of useful information, too.

4. The non-judgy sleep training advice

Perhaps you're too much of a softie for Cry It Out. Or co-sleeping is way too crowded (and potentially dangerous) for your taste. Whatever your opinion (and people have strong ones on this topic!) you'll find a variety of methods here to achieve every parent's common goal: getting baby to sleep through the night.

5. The scoop on poop

Do you know what newborn baby poop is supposed to look like? I didn't, either. You can read volumes about a "tarry" consistency vs. a "mustardy" one, but it doesn't really click until you see color pics like the ones in "Ready, Set, Baby!" Might as well get used to it now — you're about to be changing 10 diapers a day!

Ready, Set, Baby! The Watch and Learn Guide to Your Baby's First Year from Open Air Publishing on Vimeo.