This Might Be the Way to Make Vaccinations Less Painful for Your Babies

No mom wants to see her baby in pain when getting vaccination—and this remedy might be the secret to making it easier on both of you.

Baby Immunization Pain
If you've taken your baby in for vaccinations, you know how tough it can be to watch your little one suffer through the pain of an injection—and you'd probably be willing to do just about anything to ease your baby's pain as he or she undergoes something so unpleasant (yet necessary!)

As it turns out, there might be a way to dull the pain your baby feels during vaccinations—and it's actually pretty simple. According to a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, lidocaine cream is an essential part of making injections less painful for babies....especially when combined with a small amount of sugar.

Yes. You read that right: Sugar is another major component in this pain-relieving solution.

Researchers from Toronto conducted a randomized trial, which involved the observation of 352 healthy infants who were split into four control groups. One group of infants took placebos, another relied on pain-reducing soothing techniques administered by parents, and the third group was given a combination of parent soothing techniques and an oral sugar solution. The final group was administered lidocaine along with the oral sugar solution.

"We found that, when used consistently during vaccine injections in the first year of life, only liposomal lidocaine combined with parental video instruction and orally administered sucrose showed a benefit on acute pain when compared with placebo, video alone, and video and sucrose together," the authors wrote. "The effects of consistent pain management on the development of preprocedural anxiety (fear), hypersensitivity to pain and compliance with future vaccination warrant future investigation."

Our advice? Chat with your doctor about possibly using this method to help calm your baby for vaccinations—it just might work like a charm!