Tips for Stress-Free Food Shopping With Your Baby

How to conquer the grocery store with baby in tow.

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Grocery Store Adventures

The first trip to the grocery store with a newborn in tow can seem overwhelming and be a source of unwanted stress. Here are some ground rules for conquering that shopping list with ease from the parking lot to the checkout counter.

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Be an Early Bird

Go on weekday mornings, when stores and parking lots are less crowded.

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Shop En Famille

If you and your partner hit the store together, one of you can focus on the baby while the other grabs the goods.

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Wear Your Baby

She'll be less fussy in a carrier or sling, and you'll have more mobility. For some road-tested carrier options and information on how to tote your tot safely, visit our buyer's guide.

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Order Online

Websites like NetGrocer will overnight just about anything to your door, and many local supermarkets let you order online, then do the shopping for you—all you have to do is pick up or arrange for delivery.

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