Tips Trom The Trenches

Be a quick-change artist


As any new parent can attest, babies are messy creatures, and spit-up and diaper leaks can lead to some pretty grimy crib sheets. Changing those linens can be an exercise in frustration: Because of the crib rails, it’s hard to reach in and grab a corner of the sheet; plus, once you do, the whole mattress can pull up and jam against the bumper. Here, two experts share their tips for easier changes.

Ditch The Bumper

Keri Bojarski, a Fallbrook, Calif., mother of two sets of twins (ages 6 and 4) who at one point was changing four cribs, says these bedding extras only get in the way. Plus, they can be deadly: A 2007 study reported that some babies suffocated after becoming wedged between the mattress and bumper.

Use Knit Sheets

The fabric makes them stretchier and thus easier to get on and off, Bojarski says. Layer them on Put a few sheets on the mattress at the same time, with a waterproof pad in between. When the sheet (and/or pad) gets wet or grimy, simply pull it off and you’ve got a clean one underneath. Presto, chango.

Try Quick-Zip Safety Sheets

Vonda Dennis, a postpartum doula in Los Angeles, recommends this brand because the top zips off for quick changes. Visit

Step It Up

Bojarski recommends keeping a small step stool near the crib. It’ll give you extra height and easier access to the nether reaches of the mattress.