Want to Make Your Baby Smile? Play This Song

Experts have created a song that's sure to make even the fussiest baby smile—and once you hear it, you'll know why.

Most parents have figured out little ways to make their babies smile—but when the go-tos just don't cut it, you'll want to keep this in your back pocket. A group of experts teamed up to create a song that promises to make any baby happy. 

According to TIME, Cow and Gate, a U.K. baby food manufacturer, enlisted child development expert Caspar Addyman and musical phycologist Lauren Stewart to analyze research related to infant preferences. They used these findings to build the foundation of a pop song geared towards infants, and that's how "The Happy Song" came to be.

Based on Addyman and Stewart's findings, infants are drawn to up-tempo songs that mirror a baby's heartbeat, they prefer female voices and like songs in the major key with repetitive melodies. They also discovered that infants respond better to songs recorded in the presence of an actual baby.

Pop singer Imogen Heap—who is the mom of an 18-month-old—recorded the song, which was distributed to families who filmed their infants' reactions to it. With its mostly nonsensical lyrics, the song probably won't resonate quite as well with adults—but if the reactions shown in a video released by Cow and Gate are any indication, it's a big hit with the under one crowd.