Want to Master Swaddling? Make Like This Mama and Practice on Your Dog

A recent Reddit post shows a woman practicing her swaddling technique on...a dog. Would you try this during your pregnancy?

If you're expecting your first baby, chances are you're hoping to brush up on your child-rearing skills before his or her arrival. And while many to-be parents opt to get some practice in via parenting classes, we're cracking up over this unusual move: A recent Reddit post shows a pregnant woman practicing her swaddling skills on her dog.

It's an unconventional tactic for sure (and we reached out for comment!), but we see the value—after all, swaddling an actual breathing thing is obviously more challenging than wrapping a doll up burrito-style, and this mama-to-be probably got a pretty good idea of what the process of swaddling her actual baby will be like.

My pregnant wife was inspired by the practicing swaddling on your dog post

The dog seems a bit skeptical about the whole thing, though. As one commenter points out, the pet seems to be giving his owner some "side-eye" over the whole situation. "That's the 'stink eye' if I've ever seen one," one commenter observes. Another adds: "Stoouf hooman! Y u doouf dis to me?" 

But one commenter points out that the dog should probably enjoy the attention while it lasts, writing "He'll be jealous when the baby arrives and he's not the one getting swaddled anymore." 

...And all the parents out there who had fur babies before human babies are nodding in agreement.