What If You Could Om Your Baby to Sleep? This Dad Did

Fussy baby? One dad found that a little chanting just might do the trick.

If you're a parent, you've been there: It's 3 a.m., you've been up since midnight, staring blankly at your crying infant, pleading with the universe to please (please, please, PLEASE) let this baby you love so much fall asleep. After you see if they're hungry or need a diaper change and try singing lullabies and rocking them, at a certain point, every new mom or dad throws in the towel and well, maybe cries along, too.

But what if you could apply the same skill set you developed in your yoga class to taking care of your babe? That's what one desperate dad did to get his baby to calm down. While laying in bed with his newborn (sleep mask still on his head), Daniel Eisenman started a Facebook live video for his friends. Though his daughter, Divina was wailing, when he started chanting "Om," she quickly got quiet.

While it might just be a fluke for this father, the sound could have also reminded her of being in the womb. As Eisenman told TODAY, he and his wife Diana (and their fellow yogi friends) would chant to Divina in her mom's tummy. "She was born in the living room. Even during the birthing we were playing Thai Buddhist monk chanting. Beautiful track," he said.

These parents were smart, according to spiritual coach and meditation teacher, Dallisa Hocking. "The 'Om' technique works because it is considered an ancient and sacred sound. Babies and children resonate on a deep level because it mimics a sound they experience in the womb. Often used in yoga classes, the sound and vibration of Om creates harmony and unity between the person voicing the sound and the receiver," she explains. "Hearing Om slows down our nervous system and calms our minds, much like meditation. I would suggest chanting Om to children and babies, to help them relax. You can even starting chanting to babies while they are utero."

Want your baby and children to be more zen? Hockling suggests getting them started ASAP: "Kids may also see benefit to attending a children's meditation class. I'd recommend starting them young, and making it a part of their regular daily routine. Kids may also receive benefit and feel soothed when they listen to classical music," she says.