YMCA Will Babysit Your Kid While You Go Vote

Need a little babysitting help so you can get to the polls? YMCAs are offering free childcare so everyone can get out and vote!

YMCA voting Shutterstock
Voting is a privilege, and you should absolutely exercise your right—but we all know that actually getting away from work or stepping out of the house to head to your polling location can be tough, especially if you're a parent. The good news? If you've been stressing over how you'll secure childcare this Election Day while you cast your vote, this just might be the magical solution: Certain YMCA locations will offer free daycare on November 8 so that busy parents may let their voices be heard.

YMCA put out a news release to announce the initiative, which is called "Zoe's Kids Day Out." The name comes from the organization's Zoe for President campaign, which aims to put a one-year-old girl named Zoe in office in the year 2064. 

“Election Day is arguably one of the most important days in the U.S. this year — the ultimate opportunity for Americans to make their voices heard through the democratic process,” said Kevin Washington, President and CEO, YMCA of the USA, said in the news release. “Unfortunately, many people who want to vote find it challenging because they have to take children with them. The Y’s hope is that Zoe’s Kids Day Out initiative enables those parents and caregivers to exercise their right to vote, and ensures children can spend their time in a safe, nurturing environment.”

The downside? Not all YMCA locations will offer this, so if you plan on utilizing this service on Tuesday, be sure to call and confirm that your closest location is participating.

Every election is incredibly important, and this one is arguably the most crucial in recent history. Have you brushed up on the candidates and their various positions on childcare and maternity leave?  If so, you're probably ready to vote for the candidate whose views most align with your own—make sure you get out there on November 8 and do just that!