New Organic Options

Four new organic brands of baby food you can find online.


If you don't mind paying a little more for baby food made from ingredients produced without the use of pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics, here are four new organic brands to try:

Homemade Baby Employing a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, this Los Angeles-based company offers kiddie dishes like Baby Tex Mex (brown rice, kidney beans and vegetables) and Piwi (pears and kiwi). Ships nationwide, $1.59-$1.99 per 4-ounce container (plus shipping costs);

Gerber Organic Cereals, fruits (pureed and freeze-dried), vegetables, entrees ... even juices are available in organic versions. At grocery stores, $0.69-$3.29;

Plum Organics Created by a new mom, this frozen line has "real smooth" varieties for ages 6 to 9 months and "more chunky" for ages 9 months and up. At natural-foods stores, $2.89-$3.49;

Bohemian Baby You'll find it hard to resist sneaking bites of this tasty brand, which includes Zucchini Firecracker Fritters and Apple/Raisin Couscous. Ships nationwide, $3.50 per 5-ounce jar;