Stunning Photo Series Proves 'Fed is Best'

Breastfeeding isn't the only option for parents who want to feed their children, and this photo series finds the beauty in all methods of nourishing our babies.

Moms are routinely subjected to shame, judgement and hate whether they choose to breastfeed or formula feed their children—that's why we were so happy to see a photo series that puts the beauty of all feeding methods on full display.

fed-is-best Mikaela Bodkin

Photographer Mikaela Bodkin created a photo series called "Fed is Best," and it's not just full of beautiful imagery—it also makes an important point about the validity of all baby feeding choices. As long as a mother and her children are happy and healthy, whatever method she chooses is the right one.

fed-is-best Mikaela Bodkin 

"I started incorporating fed is best into my photographs to highlight all the ways mommas feed their babies," Bodkin told Fit Pregnancy. "I find it extremely important to embrace all ways...I think mothers nowadays are under a lot of pressure to feed their child a certain way or feel if they are getting judged. I think mom-shaming is horrible, and shouldn't happen."

fed-is-best Mikaela Bodkin

Bodkin has a personal reason for celebrating moms who do their part to nourish their children. "I'm adopted from an orphanage in Romania and was very sick due to lack of nutrients. I stand behind that mothers should be able to just feed their children and not be judged. If it's breast, pump, bottle, or tube, you are feeding your children and that's all that matters," she said. 

fed-is-best Mikaela Bodkin

The series features moms pumping, breastfeeding, tandem nursing, breastfeeding alongside friends and more. It's a beautiful representation of the range of experiences moms face, and it's earning some really positive feedback, according to Bodkin.


"I want mothers to just feel a sense of peace with themselves," Bodkin said. "I want them to just feel as though they don't have to be judged if they don't breastfeed or decide to breastfeed in public, who cares, you do you and don't worry about what others think!"