This Baby And Dog Look Super Cute Together Until...

Warning: If you're eating right now, take a break before watching this video.

Babies spit up. It's what they do. And it gets on your clothes, in your hair, and...on your dog? Yes, one canine got the surprise of his life when the new baby in his family pretty much spit up right in his face. And of course, the parents caught the unpleasant incident on video so now we can "enjoy" it, too.

Josh and Leah Parsons obviously didn't expect their 1-month-old son Benjamin to puke all over their boxer, Liberty. The video started out capturing a cute bonding moment between the newborn and his four-legged sibling.

But just as Liberty got close to Baby Ben, he let loose a pretty significant regurgitation—on the dog's face.

The boxer backed up pretty quickly, as if he couldn't quite figure out what had happened, but we're pretty confident he didn't like it. At all.

"[Liberty] still comes back to [Benjamin] and smells him and gets close, but I'd be afraid to get close to him after that," Leah told ABC News. "People, like you, have just been laughing out loud, total surprise."

Yeah, I'll admit, I half-laughed, half-winced when I saw the video for the first time. I may have gagged a little as well.

Parsons thinks in time Liberty may forget about being assaulted by the newborn. "Hopefully they'll grow up being good friends," she said. "[Liberty and our other] dogs are super gentle with [Benjamin]. They love him to death. The moment he came home they've been very protective and all about him."

Hey, at least the vomit thing wasn't the other way around, with Benjamin being at the receiving end. Then I don't think anyone would be laughing!