52 Baby Names for Fans of Americana

Inspired by everything from presidents to artisans, here are some fun ideas for giving your U.S.-born baby a homegrown monikor

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Patriotic baby names are rich with cultural significance, and many American names are rising the ranks when it comes to popularity, according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration. Whether you're having a Fourth of July baby, or you're just a history buff, these names, courtesy of Nameberry.com, are worth saluting. Linda Rosenkrantz, co-creator of Name Berry, explains the appeal and trends behind some of the names.

Presidential Baby Names

Presidential names are imbued with the virtuous qualities of their namesakes, including honesty, integrity, and diligence. Plus, last names are a huge trend right now.These names grew in popularity, according to the newest govenmental data:

  • Monroe (ranked #763) James Monroe, 5th President Though it's seen a rise in popularity as a girl's name, Rosenkrantz points out that "Monroe remains an upstanding boy's name." Related: Unique, Unisex Baby Names
  • Quincy (ranked #603) John Quincy Adams, 6th President "One of just a few usable Q names, Quincy became coolified by multifaceted music legend Quincy Jones," says Rosenkrantz.
  • Knox (ranked #345) James Knox Polk, 11th President Nameberry credits the name's recent rise in popularity to the Jolie-Pitts, who named their son Knox.
  • Lincoln (ranked #95) Abraham Lincoln, 16th President Kristen Bell chose the "honest" name for her first child.
  • Theodore (ranked #170) Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President Though President Roosevelt went by the nickname Teddy, parents today can opt for the more modern Theo as a nickname, says Rosenkrantz.
  • Carter (ranked #32) Jimmy Carter, 39th President Nameberry points out the gender-bending appeal: Selena Gomez played a character named Carter in the Disney movie Princess Protection Program, even though it's typically a boy's name.

Other examples:

  • Jackson (ranked #16) Andrew Jackson, 7th President
  • Hayes (ranked #608) Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 19th President
  • Pierce (ranked #463) Franklin Pierce, 14th President
  • Arthur (ranked #323) Chester Alan Arthur, 21st President

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Heroic Baby Names

Not only can we find remarkable bravery and valor among our fallen heroes, we also see some remarkable names. Here's how the names of some famous soldiers rank among U.S. baby-name data:

  • Braxton (ranked #122 ) General Braxton Bragg was a Confederate general in the Civil War. Nameberry notes the modern middle 'x.'
  • Cullen (ranked # 574) No, not Edward Cullen. Cullen A. Battle was another Confederate general. Rosenkrantz says Cullen is "a name with a lot of Irish charm" that's becoming more visable thanks to Twilight.
  • Enoch (ranked # 836) Enoch Poor was a brigadier general in Washington's Army in the Revolutionary War. (If your son is super passionate about his freedom, don't say we didn't warn you.)

Other examples:

  • Aaron (#51) Aaron Burr, Revolutionary War officer and vice president
  • Absalom Absalom Baird, Union Army general
  • Ambrose Ambrose Burnside, Union Army general and U.S. Senator
  • Ulysses Ulysses Grant, Union Army General and 18th president

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Names of People Born on Independence Day

July 4th isn't just our country's birthday; it also shares the date with some prominent figures—who happen to have super cool names. Our list of Independence Day birthdays includes some talented people. So, if you go with one of these options your baby will be in great company. Here's how the following names ranked in the most recent roundup of Social Security-gathered baby-name data:

  • Emerson (ranked #211) Emerson Boozer was a star NFL running back who played for the Jets. "Teri Hatcher chose it for her daughter in 1997," says Rosenkrantz. Now, it reflects the current literary-inspired name trend (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
  • Eva (ranked #88) Academy award-winning actress Eva Marie Saint is best known for her roles in On the Waterfront and as a Hitchcock heroine in North by Northwest. According to Rosenkrantz, the name Eva has held a steady spot at the top for years "probably influenced in part by exotic actresses Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes and Eva Green."
  • Lionel (ranked #733) Intellectual Lionel Mordecai Trilling was an American literary critic, author, and teacher. "Lionel means 'young lion,' but it hasn't taken off like its leonine brothers—Leo and Leonardo," says Rosenkrantz, making it a unique choice.
  • Malia (ranked #335) A Hawaiian name meaning "still water," the name jumped onto the radar in 2008 when Malia Obama's daddy first took office as President of the United States, says Rosenkrantz.

Other examples:

  • Calvin (ranked #195) Calvin Coolidge, 30th president
  • Green Green Clay Smith, Civil War general and congressman from Kentucky
  • Nathaniel (ranked #91) Nathaniel Hawthorne, American novelist best known for The Scarlet Letter
  • Neil (ranked #623) Neil Simon, playwright and screenwriter
  • Phineas Phineas Taylor Barnum, founder of the Barnum & Bailey circus

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Hard-Working Baby Names

On Labor Day, we celebrate American workers' contributions to the strength, success, and security of our country. In homage to hard work, here are some baby names inspired by professions. These names saw an upward trend in popularity between 2012 and 2013.

  • Archer (ranked #351) Inspired by the arrow-slinging heroine Katniss of the Hunger Games and the TV series Archer, the name Archer is becoming increasingly popular, says Rosenkrantz.
  • Hunter (ranked #36) The name has a "softened masculinity," says Nameberry.
  • Miller (ranked #943) According to Rosenkrantz, the extremely common last name is starting to rise in popularity as a first name.
  • Porter (ranked #385) Porter means gatekeeper. With the Johnny Cash classic "Hey, Porter," this name might appeal to music fans.
  • Sailor (or Saylor) (ranked #906) A modern version of the name—Saylor—made the Social Security Administration's top 1000 most popular baby names list in 2013.
  • Sawyer (ranked #120) The "Saw" in Sawyer actually hints at the name's true meaning—a person who saws wood for a living. Nameberry says the traditional boy's name is becoming an increasingly trendy choice for girls.

Other examples:

  • Baker
  • Booker
  • Gardener
  • Kiefer
  • Ranger
  • Reeve
  • Smith
  • Thatcher (ranked #992)
  • Wheeler

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Names Inspired by Patriotic Values

Virtuous names are on the rise, as we noted in our 2014 baby names trends article. Why not take the trend a step further by choosing a name that reflects the virtues of your fave country? These names grew in popularly, according to the latest baby-name report from the Social Security Administration:

  • America (ranked #777) Star of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Ugly Betty, America Ferrera is perhaps most associated with this undeniably patriotic moniker.
  • Justice (ranked #435) Nameberry notes that Justice is a strong, virtuous name (for both boys and girls) minus the religious ties found in some other moral names.
  • Phoenix (ranked #486) Across time and cultures, the phoenix, a bird with the ability to resurrect, has been the symbol of hope and new beginnings.

Other examples:

  • Faith (ranked #89)
  • Grace (ranked #22)
  • Glory
  • Hope (ranked #233)
  • Honor
  • Loyal
  • Mercy (ranked #854)
  • Noble

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