Baby Name Trends for 2013

Here's a look at some monikers the new moms and dads of Hollywood have chosen for their little ones and where we think they'll wind up on the top baby name list for 2013.

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Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson welcomed baby boy Ace Knute on June 30.

While Ace's given name is of English origin and means "the best" or "number one," his middle name honors Johnson's Swedish grandfather named Knute.

Last year, Ace clocked in at #524 on Social Security's list of popular baby names and while we don't expect to see a massive jump in rankings, it's likely to crawl up the charts because of Ms. Simpson, a longtime tabloid favorite and Fashion Star host.

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A list of 2013 baby names would not be complete without Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's newborn, who arrived three weeks early on June 15.

The name hasn't been in the top 1,000 names for any year of birth in the last 13 years and we don't expect it to change much for 2013, with fans having mixed reactions to the choice.

Rumors say the couple chose the name because she represents their highest point, or "North Star," as a couple and that she'll likely go by the nickname "Nori."

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Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum welcomed their daughter Everly, meaning "boar meadow," in London in May.

The name, which can also be used for a boy and has alternate spellings of Everleigh and Everley, just cracked the top 1,000 in 2012, coming in at #907.

With Tatum's popularity continuing to rise, expect to see his choice of baby name follow along with him!

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A Greek name that means "revered," Sebastian has been relatively popular with moms long before Malin Akerman and her musician husband, Roberto Zincone, welcomed their son in April.

The name came in at #68 in 2010 and 2011 and moved up four spots to #64 in 2012. Sebastian should remain firmly within top 100 names for 2013.

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The former First Family welcomed a new member to its ranks in April, when Jenna Bush Hager gave birth to Margaret Laura 'Mila' Hager. Named for both of her grandmothers, the Hagers elected to keep the sex of the baby a surprise until delivery.

The name, which means "pearl," has nearly 100 variations including Margery, Gretchen and Margarity, and it has broken the top 200 baby names for the past three years. With more traditional names beginning to rise in popularity, expect to see this one among the 100s for 2013!

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While it may not be in the top 1,000 names for any year of birth in the last 13 years, Scout's been a favorite for To Kill a Mockingbird fans since the book was published in 1960, and that is precisely the reason volleyball champ Kerri Walsh chose it for her baby girl, born in April.

The name, which means "to listen," has been used by celebs for baby girls, but it can also work for both genders.

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Putting a spin on this traditional boy's name, Kristen Bell and fiancé Dax Shepard chose Lincoln for their little girl, born in April.

An English name meaning "from the lake," it broke the top 200 boys' names in 2010 and has been gaining momentum with every year, coming in at #178 in 2011 and #132 in 2012.

Could this be the year Lincoln cracks the girls' list? We'll have to wait to find out!

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A Slavic name meaning "gracious" and "dear," Shakira and her soccer-star partner Gerard Piqué welcomed their son Milan in January.

The first-time mom chose the name because of its Slavic meaning as well as its Sanskrit meaning, "unification."

Milan has ranked in the 600s and 700s for baby girl names since 2010, but could start to gain traction on the boys' list because of the singer's world-wide popularity and recent gig as a judge on The Voice.

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A chart-topper throughout the 2000s, the name Ava is popular with celeb dads including Hugh Jackman (pictured), Ryan Phillippe and Jeremy Renner, who became a proud papa to Ava Berlin Renner in March.

The name, meaning "life" in Hebrew and "bird" in Latin, has firmly rooted itself in the fifth spot atop the baby name charts, and it's likely to remain there through 2013.

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Another name traditionally meant for a boy, Lisa Ling, the host of Our America, and her husband Dr. Paul Song, welcomed daughter Jett Ling Song in March.

The name of a popular black mineral, Jett has different spellings including Jet and Jette and has been steady among the top 400 baby boy names since 2010.

We expect to continue trending with the boys' list but would be surprised to see it atop any girls' list in 2013.

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