Baby Names for the Class of 2025 (and Beyond)

We predict the baby names of the future.


Kaydance for a girl? Rian for a boy? We predict you'll see a lot of these baby names in your kids' yearbooks over the next several years.

This year's kindergarteners are the Class of 2025! We took a look at their names to see what will be popular among graduates 18 years in the future. There are trendy names, traditional names, cleverly spelled names and some really unique, unexpected names.

Trendy names

Every few years, certain popular names seem to fill the classrooms. Topping the Class of 2025's list are Madison (girl) and Michael (boy). Check out the trendy names that your child will likely encounter among his or her classmates:

Uber-popular girl names include Abigail, Brianna, Carly, Cheyenne, Emily, Hailey, Kaitlin, Olivia, Paige, Reagan and Sarah.

The trendy boy names are Alexander, Caleb, Hunter, Jacob, Jonathan, Joseph, Landon, Noah, Trenton and Tyler.

Your child may also encounter a number of names that are suitable for girls and boys alike, including Jordan or Jordyn, Logan, Mackenzie, Raven, Riley and Skyler or Skylar.

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Traditional names

Not every family opts for trendy and modern. A lot of classic, traditional names can still be found among today's kindergartners. Look back through your own yearbook and you're sure to spot some of these old favorites:

For girls: Allison, Anna, Ashley, Bridget, Chloe, Cynthia, Grace, Hannah, Katie, Lauren, Rachel, Rebecca, Samantha, Sandra and Sophia.

For boys: Aaron, Adam, Andrew, Benjamin, Christopher, Daniel, David, James, Jason, Jeffrey, John, Joshua, Kevin, Lucas, Mark, Matthew, Nathan, Nicholas, Robert, Scott, Thomas and Timothy.

For a boy or a girl: Sean or Shawn, Sidney or Sydney, Taylor and Terry.

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Cleverly spelled names

Some names stand out thanks to new and unusual spellings. Change some vowels, insert a Y in the middle and an "eigh" to the end! There are countless ways to modify otherwise "normal" baby names. See if you can figure out what the more traditional version of each name is:

Cleverly spelled girl names: Abbagail, Arionna, Brystl, Brieanna, Cayli, Christal, Christean, Cloey, Emilee, Justise, Karleigh, Kassidy, Lynnsae, Madyson, McKenzie, Rashelle, Reanna and Shyann.

Cleverly spelled boy names: Brayden, Carsyn, Chantz, Damion, Dekan, Landyn, Gavyn, Jaiden, Kameron, Cayden and Rian.

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Unique, unexpected names

The Class of 2025 will be sporting some surprising names. How many of them will make tomorrow's Most Popular list?

Unique names for girls: Ashlynn, Brielle, Cadence, Ciara, Danica, Malena, Sephia, Secora, Shealyn, Tressa and Trinity.

Unique names for boys: Angel, Anzen, Brantford, Cooper, Cyrus, Hayden, Keegan, Laken, Mason, Parker, Raiden, Sawyer, Trace, Tre, Tyson and Yeggar.

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