How To Pick The Perfect Baby Name

Step one: Have fun exploring your options. Step two: Don't stress. Check out these lists for some great ideas.

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Name That Baby

Is the name easy to spell and pronounce? What are its nicknames? How does it sound with your last name? We rounded up our favorite baby names for boys and girls from traditional to trendy to unique.

Jacob and Sophia may have been the most popular baby names a couple of years ago, followed by a surge in the names Brantley and Briella last year. What naming trends are hot this year? Get a sneak peek into the hottest baby names of the year.

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Old-Fashioned Baby Names

Old-fashioned baby names are like that great vintage dress—they are eternally cool and never go out of style. Many parents love classic girl and boy names because they remind of us a simpler, more innocent time. From Clayton and Wilson to Josephine and Lillian, Mary and Milton to Esther and Edward, the list of classics may have gems that strike the right chord.

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Cool and Unique Boy Names

Are you looking for a unique baby boy name that has a cool and edgy sound to it? For those trend-setting parents who want a more unusual boy's name, this list if for you! From modern names like Kace and Slate, to exotic names and sporty names, check out our list of unique boy names.

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Short and Sweet Baby Names

A short and sweet baby name makes a big impact. These names are quirky, cute and delightfully easy to spell and pronounce. In fact, a short first name is a great way to balance out a long last name. Check out our picks of the best short and sweet baby names for girls and boys.

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Hottest Baby Boy Names

The hottest baby boy names in recent years are strong and sophisticated, including Declan, Archer and Remington. Today's parents are also looking to the future, giving their sons modern names like Iker and Kason. What other boy names are climbing the charts? Find out our predictions for the hottest new baby boy names of late of the past year or so.

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Hottest Baby Names 2013

What were the hottest new baby girl names of 2013? From Aria to Angelique, romantic names saw a huge surge in popularity, as did names with similar endings, including Adalynn and Gracelyn. On the flip side, gender-bending names, such as Charlee and Parker, are also climbing the charts.

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Feminine And Pretty Girl Names

Are you looking for a pretty baby name that is as beautiful as your baby girl? From feminine flower names like Daisy and Tulip to vintage names like Amelia and Beatrice, we rounded up our picks of the most delightful baby girl names.

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Trendy And Cool Boy Names

These baby names have serious style! For those parents who don't want old-fashioned names from the past, but more modern names for the future, we have rounded up unique and cool names perfect for trendsetting baby girls and baby boys. These baby names are modern, forward thinking and cool – just like you!

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Twin Baby Names

Many parents stick to a theme when choosing twin names, such as Faith and Hope or London and Paris. Other parents, however, skip the themes and go with two names that are as individual as their child, such as Jacob and Michael. Another option is to pick two names that start with the same letter, such as Andrew and Ava.

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English Baby Names

Are you looking for a quaint English baby name for your future English rose or proper English gentleman? English names like Oliver and Amelia have a distinguished and refined sound to them that many parents love.

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Baby Names Ideas For Siblings

Stuck on the perfect sibling baby name? Check out our fun ideas on naming brothers, sisters or a combination of both! From baby names that have the same theme, such as Irish names or old fashioned names, to names that start with the same letter, let us help you find the perfect sib-set with our ideas for naming your second (or third or fourth...) baby.

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