Irish Baby Names

From Clover to Cillian, a round up of Irish girl and boy baby names for your lucky charm

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Irish Names You'll Love

St. Patrick's Day baby names are popular because they are unique, fun and have the luck of the Irish! From Clover to Cillian, we have rounded up Irish baby names, lucky names and more for your St. Patty's Day baby.

Whether you are expecting a baby in the month of March, would like to honor your Irish culture or just love this festive holiday, St. Patrick's Day baby names are as cool and unique as they are fun.

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Irish Baby Names for Girls

Irish Girl Names for Your Little Clover

Irish baby girl names have a beautiful, old-fashioned sound to them. The following list features modern Irish names, as well as more traditional Irish names.

- Ashlyn
- Kiara
- Ellie
- Hannah
- Aoife (pronounced EE-fa)
- Sorcha
- Tullia
- Oriana
- Fiona
- Alana

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Irish Baby Names for Boys

Irish Boy Names for Your Little Shamrock

Irish boy names are a popular choice for parents here in the U.S., with names like Aiden and Liam topping many of our baby-name charts.

- Quinlan
- Finn
- Rian
- Fagan
- Clancy
- Cillian
- Seamus (pronounced SHAY-mus)
- Eoin (pronounced like Owen)
- Rylan
- Keegan

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St. Patrick's Day-Inspired Baby Names

Be inspired by this festive holiday to name your daughter Ireland—or the delightful English name of Clover. For boys, Patrick is a great Irish name that means "noble." Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce, who named her daughter Blue Ivy, colors are no longer off limits when it comes to naming your baby. Maybe you want to consider names in the green spectrum, such as Sage or Jade. Or channel Joni Mitchell and croon to your own little Green.

Here are more St. Patty's Day-inspired baby names:
- Teal
- Laurel
- Emerald
- March
- Gold
- Lucky
- Rainbow
- Charm
- Shamrock
- Blarney

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Baby Names for Luck

Lucky Baby Names

Feeling lucky? A lucky baby name may be just the ticket for your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Here are some lucky baby names to consider:
- Chance
- Karma
- Serendipity
- Fate
- Destiny
- Four (as in four-leaf clover)
- Asher (biblical name associated with good fortune)
- Felix (from the Latin for "lucky")

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