Middle Name Trends for Girls

Whether you want a unique and quirky middle name or a classic middle name, read on to check out our picks.


Have you found the perfect first name for your baby girl – but are stuck on the middle name? Let us help!

Virtue baby names, such as Faith and Hope, make beautiful middle names, as do flower names, such as Rose and Daisy. Whether you want a unique or quirky middle name, such as Ella Bleu, or a classic middle name, read on to check out the hottest middle names for girls.

Baby name bouquet! Flower middle names

Floral names are sweet and feminine and perfect for your baby girl. In fact, the middle name Rose is a favorite among many celebrity parents, including:

  • Seraphina Rose: Actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck
  • Lyla Rose: Singer Lisa Loeb
  • Charlotte Rose: Actor Dylan McDermott
  • Adelaide Rose: Actress Rachel Griffiths
  • Emerson Rose: Actress Teri Hatcher

Other floral names that would make beautiful middle (or first!) names include Tulip, Daisy, Lilac, Violet, Lily, Iris, Petunia, Poppy or Jasmine.

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Old-fashioned middle names

Old-fashioned middle names are a great choice for parents who want to pass on a family name or just love classic names that never go out of style. The middle name Louise is a popular choice for celebrity babies, including:

  • Anja Louise: Model Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Paloma Louise: Actress Ana Ortiz
  • Katie Louise: Actor Jim Gaffigan

Many celebrities are also choosing old-fashioned first and middle names, for example:

  • Ethel Mary: Singer Lily Allen
  • Willa Lou: Actress Keri Russell
  • Beatrice Jean: Actress Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Maple Sylvie: Actor Jason Bateman
  • Merrin Elizabeth: Singer Bo Bice

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Virtue middle names

Virtue names describe a characteristic, such as Faith or Hope, and are a popular choice for middle names. They are meaningful, yet unique. The middle name Grace is a popular choice among celebrities, including Kelly Rutherford, who named her daughter Helena Grace, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who has a daughter named Charlotte Grace.

Virtue middle names are a great choice for siblings or twins. Actress Angie Harmon named her daughters Avery Grace, Emery Hope and Finley Faith.

We also love the name of Meg Ryan's daughter, Daisy True, and Alison Sweeney's little girl, who is named Megan Hope.

More virtue names include:

  • Joy
  • Trinity
  • Mercy
  • Honor
  • Patience
  • Shine

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Colorful middle names

If you are looking for a unique middle name, perhaps a colorful middle name is for you! Among the basic colors, Blue is the most popular baby name. For example, Kelly Preston and John Travolta's daughter is named Ella Bleu; and Beyonce used the color as a first name when naming daughter Blue Ivy Carter.

Other basic color names include Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo and Violet.

Look beyond the basic spectrum, for unique colors like Azure, Aqua or Citron. Singer Pink named her daughter Willow Sage, while Nicole Richie went on the dark side when naming son Sparrow James Midnight.