Most Popular Regional Baby Names in the U.S.

Sure, Emily and Noah were top overall in the U.S. when it came to baby names, but depending where you live, lots of other monikers are trending, too.

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Baby Names in America

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Baby Names in America

When it comes to national averages, the latest official list of most popular U.S. baby names may come as little surprise, but break the monikers down by region and different trends emerge. We tallied up the popular unique names in each state (those that didn't make it into the national top 10 according to the Social Security Administration), and while many somewhat mirrored the rest of the country, there are enough Harpers, Benjamins and Elijahs to threaten to break that top five this year. Here's a look.

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Popular Girls Names in the Northeast

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Popular Girls Names in the Northeast

Popular Northeast Girls Names

The top three names on the upper East Coast in 2014 were Olivia, Sophia and Emma, much like the rest of the country, but if you want something a little different for your Northeast gal, these names were edging their way into the top five:

Lillian: Most popular in Maine, it was originally derived from the name Elizabeth and holds claim to the nickname Lily. Lillian Gish was a classical beauty of the silent screen.

Zoe: Natives to Washington D.C. love this name, which means "life". Crave a fun spin on it? Try spelling it "Zoey" or "Zooey" a la Ms. Deschanel.

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Popular Boys Names in the Northeast


Popular Boys Names in the Northeast

Popular Northeast Boys Names

As for names popular across the U.S., Liam and Mason were tied for top in the Northeast, but here are some up-and-coming favorite boy names in the area:

Benjamin: A Hebrew name that's all-American, the folks in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and District of Columbia were all about the Benjamins, baby.

Oliver: Named for the olive tree, a symbol of dignity in the Bible, it's no surprise Oliver is popular in the verdant state of Vermont.

Joseph: An anglicized version of the popular Giuseppe in Italian, this is the most popular boy's name for New Jersey.

Charles: The French form of the Germanic "Karl", this regal appellation is making the rounds in Washington, D.C.

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Popular Girls Names in the Midwest


Popular Girls Names in the Midwest

Popular Midwestern Girls Names

In the Midwest, Olivia also was the most common name for girls, just edging out Emma, but unlike the rest of the country these girls names took top place in the middle of the country:

Harper: Claiming the top spot in South Dakota and North Dakota and also cracking the top five in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and Missouri, Harper is a Scottish family name that means "pleasant and brave" and was the nom de plume for author Harper Lee.

Evelyn: A popular gender-neutral girl's name in Minnesota and Wisconsin, it's derived from the French "Avaline," a diminutive of "Ava."

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Popular Boys Names in the Midwest

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Popular Boys Names in the Midwest

Popular Midwestern Boys Names

While the nationally popular pick Liam was a clear favorite boy's name in the Midwest, with the name ranking No. 1 in most states, here are some other, less typical names making the rounds in the middle states:

Lincoln: In the top five in South Dakota, though maybe it should be a fave closer to the Great Lakes, since it means "lakeside colony." Obviously one famous Midwesterner held the moniker: good ol' Honest Abe.

Logan: A Gaelic baby name favored by those in South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Owen: Popular in North Dakota and Iowa, it's Welsh for "young warrior."

Carter: A last name turned first (think Jimmy Carter), this made strong showings in Michigan and Ohio.

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Popular Girls Names in the South

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Popular Girls Names in the South

Popular Southern Girl Names

Emma was the top name for girls in the Southeast, with the region following the national trends for girls, but here are a couple trending outside the box down South:

Aubrey: In the top five in Louisiana and Mississippi, this once masculine name (think English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley) is now a popular one for girls, with actress Aubrey Plaza.

Ava: Number one in Alabama, it's also the Hebrew variation of "Eve" and means "bird" in Latin.

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Popular Boys Names in the South

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Popular Boys Names in the South

Popular Southern Boys Names

If you notice about five years from now that nearly every boy in kindergarten in the Southeast is called William, Billy or Will, it's because the name ranked No. 1 in most states in the region. Mason was the second most popular name. Here are some more region-specific naming trends in the top five:

Elijah: A Hebrew name that means "God is the lord," this is a popular one in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and North Carolina.

John: An oldie but goodie, this Hebrew name roughly translates to "God is gracious" and takes the lead in Mississippi and Alabama.

Colton: A classic English name popular in West Virginia, this lends itself well to the nickname "Colt."

Jackson: A favorite of South Carolina, this can mean "God has been gracious" in Scottish or, simply, "son of Jack." But like "Benjamin" in the Northeast, Jackson is also right on the money: the $20 bill to be exact.

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Popular Girls Names in the West


Popular Girls Names in the West

Popular Western Girls Names

Again, Emma was the most popular girl's name in the west of the U.S., followed by Olivia and Sophia, but western states also included the following among their top five:

Lucy: The perfect name for a baby born in the morning, this name means light, and it's also a top one for Utah.

Aurora: Another one for anyone delivered first thing, this is the name of the Goddess of Dawn and it's a popular one in Alaska.

Lily: Favored in the state famous for its flowers, Hawaii, Lily also means "Pure."

Aria: Also a top pick in Hawaii, Aria means "lioness" in Hebrew or "air" in Italian, where it's also the name of a song sung with just one voice. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, consider switching in a "Y" for the "I."

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Popular Boys Names in the West

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Popular Boys Names in the West

Popular Western Boys Names

Liam bested the boys names in the West with Noah right behind. Alexander was also a top five name in Washington, California, Colorado and Hawaii. Names more unique to the region include:

Henry: Big in Oregon and Wyoming, it's no wonder it's also popular with royalty (ahem, Harry) since it means "rules his household." (Just don't tell his future wife.)

Gabriel: Another biblical one and popular in Alaska, it means "messenger of God."

Wyatt: Also an Alaskan fave, it's no wonder this does well in the West, what with Wild West hero Wyatt Earp.

Aiden: A gender-neutral Gaelic name popular right now in Hawaii, choose it for your feisty one, since it means "little fire."

Jayden: An alternative to "Jaden" and a top pick in Nevada, this is another biblical name, meaning "Jehovah has heard."

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