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A Hebrew name meaning "he who supplants," Jacob was known as the son of Isaac and Rebekah in the Bible who fathered 13 children that became the ancestors of the nation of Israel.

With more than 50 variant forms including Seamus in Irish, Jacques in French and Hamish in Scottish, the name has likely seen a spike in popularity from fans of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight who are "Team Jacob."

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Popular with both boys and girls, Mason is of English origin meaning "bricklayer" or "stoneworker." Also a popular surname, it is also connected with the Old English word "macian" which means "to make."

Variant forms include Kason, Jason, Macon and Masos.

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Meaning "strong-willed warrior," this English name has been used by royals in the UK for nearly a thousand years. Its variants share common meanings of "will" and "determined" and include Wilek, Wiley, Willkie and Wim.

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A popular name for both boys and girls, this American name may be a variant of the Hebrew name Jadon or the American names Jaden, Hayden or Jay. The name didn't gain popularity until 1994 and has also become popular in Australia and Canada.

Variant forms include Kayden, Jaylen and Jaydee.

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A Hebrew name meaning "comfort" or "peaceful," the Biblical Noah was known for creating an ark and surviving 40 days of rain and storms aboard it with two of each type of animal and his family. The name has remained popular since the 1600s.

Variant forms include Knoa, Noe, Noach and Norrie.

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Meaning "he who is like god," many royal emperors, kings and Christian saints have borne the name and it has retained world-wide popularity, especially in Ireland, for centuries.

Popular variants include Miguel in Spanish, Michel in French, Michal in Polish and Michail or Mikhail in Russian.

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Meaning "strong" and "firm," the Hebrew name Ethan has steadily rose in popularity over the last 20 years, particularly in Canada, Australia and England.

Variants of the name include Aitan, Eitan, Etan and Ethen.

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A Greek name meaning "defender of man," Alexander was derived from the name Alexandros. The conqueror and Egyptian ruler Alexander the Great popularized the name in the 4th century and it has remained popular in Sweden and Scotland as well as the U.S.

The name has 70 variant forms including Alec, Zander, Alister, Sacha and Xander.

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An Irish name popular with baby boys and girls, Aiden means "fiery." The name has steadily risen in popularity since the mid-90s in Australia, Canada and Scotland.

Variant forms include Aden, Ayden, Arden and Aidyn.

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The Hebrew name meaning "God is my judge," Daniel was known in the Bible as a prophet who was taken captive and rose to power in Babylon by interpreting the king's dreams. He survived a death sentence to a lion's den and authored the Book of Daniel.

Variant forms include Danyel, Danko, Danek and Daneal.

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