Reddit Thread Calls Out 'Worst' Baby Names

A popular Reddit thread is making the rounds. Its purpose? To identify the "worst" baby names people have heard. Let's hope your baby name pick isn't on this...

Reddit Thread Calls Out 'Worst' Baby Names Katsiaryna Pakhomava/Shutterstock

There's a popular Reddit thread making the rounds right now...and let's just say Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might not like what its posters have to say.

The post is calling out the "worst" baby names, which has commenters sharing some of the most cringe-worthy monikers they've heard. You probably won't like this list either if your top baby name choice appears—but rest assured: the list's contents are pretty obscure and well, out there.

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One user submitted Elizabreth, a name which, as the commenter pointed out, sounds a lot like "lizard breath." Another submitted the name Mhavryck. Pronunciation: Maverick.

Other commenters added that sometimes it's not the name itself that's the problem, but the way parents choose to spell it. They called out common names like Amy, Billy and Melanie names that aren't offensive on their own but join the ranks of the worst names when spelled unusually (think Amee, Billee and Melanee).

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"I f--king hate, hate, hate when parents do the whole 'creative spelling' thing," a commenter weighed in. "In almost all interactions, it doesn't matter how it's spelled, because you're just saying the name. But then when it does matter, it's a hassle to all involved, with no benefit whatsoever. There's just that one-time benefit where the a--hole parents think they're clever when they think it up, and it's all downhill from there."

Other commenters seemed to share this sentiment, calling out Aliviyah (pronounced like Olivia) and Ehann (pronounced like Ian) Submissions also include Little Sweetmeat, Baby, Danger, Beberley and Merika.

As if those weren't unusual enough, commenters also mentioned Jarica (a cross between Jessica and Erica, natch), Spatula and Olive Garden, a name that was created when a couple couldn't agree on whether to name their daughter Olive or Garden.

What's the worst name you've ever heard?

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