Short Baby Girl Names Without a Nickname

Ensure your baby girl's name doesn't get shortened or changed with one of these baby name picks.


Long names are eloquent and beautiful, but some parents aren't thrilled with the nicknames that go with them. Even if you don't call your child by a nickname, you can't control friends, teachers and other people who may use the less-desirable shortened name. For example, you might name your daughter, Gabriella, but not want her called "Gabby." You can enforce it at home, but others will definitely nickname her—she might even nickname herself as she gets older.

You can either know that you might have to live with the unwanted nickname, or you can choose a beautiful baby name that doesn't have a nickname.

If you are expecting a girl, you have a lot of options, from vintage-sounding names to modern classics to quirky, unusual names. These names for your baby girl are short, sweet and nickname-free.

Nickname-free baby girl names: A - L

Nickname-free baby girl names: M - Z

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