Should You Let Complete Strangers Help You Choose Your Baby's Name?

One mom got more than she bargained for when she asked the Internet what they thought of her baby name pick. Is this something you'd ever do?

Baby is surprised
Pregnant women probably know this feeling all too well: You choose a baby name, fall in love with it, and grapple with whether you should keep it a secret till after the birth or enlist a few friends to weigh in on your choice.

But if seeking the opinions of your family members and friends stresses you out, you could always do what this mama did: She turned to a group of complete strangers via an Internet forum for a little naming advice.

Unfortunately, the people of the Internet didn't exactly praise her pick, to say the least. And while that had to have been hard for the mama to see, is there value to seeking out second (and third and fourth and fifth...and 50th) opinions when it comes to naming your baby?

The woman posed her question on a MumsNet forum: "Hi, opinions on the name Felicula?" the woman asked. Let's just say other commenters were not in favor of the choice. "Absolutely horrendous and I class some very out-there names as cool and acceptable," one user wrote. "I hope this is a joke! I read it and saw fellatio (but that just might be me, wink)," another added.

Some users pointed out that the name sounds a bit, uh, clinical. "It's too close to follicular. As in hair follicle. And ergo folliculitis (bleugh). Also funicular," a user pointed out. Others took a more diplomatic approach, suggesting "Felicity" or "Felicia" as more conventional options.

The original poster stood by her pick, writing: "It's a saint name, I believe? I heard it and just fell in love!"

While this woman's crowdsourcing attempt likely didn't yield the results she hoped it would, there might be something to this approach: After all, this little exercise just might have saved her from giving her a child a name she'd later regret, or an unusual name that can make her child an easy target for bullies. No mother wants either of these things for her child. You also have to consider that anonymous Internet users will probably give you honest answers, while the people you actually know might sugarcoat things to avoid hurting your feelings.

Would you ever let strangers weigh in on your name choice? Have you ever changed your mind about a baby name after someone in your life swayed you away from it?