Top Baby Boy Name Predictions for 2013

With the official release of the most popular baby names of 2012, we've rounded up the top boy names and predict whether or not they'll make the list for 2013.

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1. Jacob

1. Jacob

A Hebrew name meaning "he who supplants," Jacob may have spiked in popularity the past few years because of a certain teen werewolf, but it originated in the Bible.

Previous ranking: The name Jacob has held the top spot since 1999.

Our 2013 prediction: With Twilight mania just beginning to die down, we don't see Jacob losing its spot atop the boys name list anytime soon.

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2. Mason

2. Mason

An occupational name that means "stone worker," Mason has become a popular choice for both boys and girls in recent years.

Previous ranking: The name Mason is relatively new to the list of top 20 boys names, with a number two ranking in 2011 and a number 12 ranking in 2010. Mason did not break into the top 20 in 2009.

Our 2013 prediction: As the name becomes more popular with celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and non-celebs alike, expect to see Mason among the top boy names of 2013.

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3. Ethan

3. Ethan

A popular name from the bible to American pop culture, Ethan is a Hebrew name that means "strong" or "firm."

Previous ranking: Ethan has had a consistent showing in the top ten boys names the past three years, ranking number seven in 2011 and number two ranking in both 2009 and 2010.

Our 2013 prediction: From Ethan Hawke to Ethan Allen, the name has had staying power since the early nineties, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. We wouldn't be surprised to see it remain in the top ten for the next few years.

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4. Noah

4. Noah

A Hebrew name that means "peaceful" and "comforter," the name Noah has been around since the Old Testament of the Bible.

Previous ranking: The name Noah has fluctuated among the top ten boys names. It ranked fifth in 2011, seventh in 2010 and ninth in 2009.

Our 2013 prediction: In addition to the United States, the name is also popular in Australia, Canada and Sweden. Its worldwide status, and legion of fans of the film The Notebook, will likely keep it in the top 20 for 2013.

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5. William

5. William

From authors to conquerors and kings, the name William has been popular in Europe for nearly one thousand years. Derived from German words meaning "will" and "helmet," variants of the name include Liam, Wilson, Wiley and Wilmott.

Previous ranking: A relatively stable name among the list in recent years, William ranked third in 2011 and fifth in 2009 and 2010.

Our 2013 prediction: With more traditional baby names gaining popularity and media surrounding the birth of Prince William's first born this summer, expect to see William among the top five boys names in 2013.

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