Twin Baby Names

Twice the fun!


Baby names times two! You thought finding one baby name was tough until you found out you had to find two! Our twin baby name guide will take the stress out of your big decision. Whether you are having twin girls, twin boys or one of each, we rounded up great names for your double bundle of joy.

Many parents stick to a theme when choosing twin names, such as Faith and Hope or London and Paris. Other parents, however, skip the themes and go with two names that are as individual as their child, such as Jacob and Michael. Another option is to pick two names that start with the same letter, such as Andrew and Ava.

Girl/Girl Twin Names

Each year, the Social Security Administration releases a list of the most popular baby names of the year. Parents with twin girls trend toward two names with the same theme, such as Faith and Hope. Old-fashioned names are another popular choice. Check out the top 15 girl twin baby girl names below for more ideas:

1. Isabella, Sophia

2. Faith, Hope

3. Olivia, Sophia

4. Ella, Emma

5. Hailey, Hannah

6. Ava, Emma

7. Heaven, Nevaeh

8. Madison, Morgan

9. Mackenzie, Madison

10. Ava, Olivia

11. Isabella, Olivia

12. Makayla, Mackenzie

13. Ava, Ella

14. Faith, Grace

15. Gabriella, Isabella

Some of our favorite celebrity twin girl names include Dave Matthews's daughters named Stella and Grace and Ron Howard's daughters Paige and Jocelyn.

Boy/Boy Twin Names

A popular trend for parents of twin boys is choosing two names that start with the same letter. Check out the most popular twin baby boy names, according to the Social Security Administration:

1. Jacob, Joshua

2. Matthew, Michael

3. Daniel, David

4. Jayden, Jordan

5. Jayden, Jaylen

6. Elijah, Isaiah

7. Isaac, Isaiah

8. Ethan, Evan

9. Logan, Lucas

10. Logan, Luke

11. Caleb, Joshua

12. Landon, Logan

13. Andrew, Matthew

14. Nathan, Nicholas

15. Brandon, Bryan

Some of our favorite celebrity twin boy names include Niki Taylor's sons, Hunter and Jake, Julie Bowen's twins, Gus and John, and Ricky Martin's twin boys named Matteo and Valentino.

Girl/Boy Twin Names

Girl/boy twins are often given names that start with the same letter, such as Olivia and Owen. Check out more top picks:

1. Madison, Mason

2. Taylor, Tyler

3. Addison, Aiden

4. Emily, Ethan

5. Emma, Evan

6. Ella, Ethan

7. Emma, Ethan

8. Jayda, Jayden

9. Jada, Jaden

10. Aidan, Nadia

11. Aiden, Ava

12. Emma, William

13. Madison, Matthew

14. Anna, William

15. Emily, Evan

Jennifer Lopez named her twins Max and Emme, while Angelina Jolie chose Vivienne and Knox. The names of Neil Patrick Harris's twins, Gideon and Harper, have a cool, preppy sound to them, as do Julia Roberts's twins Hazel and Phinnaeus.

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