Valentine's Day-Inspired Baby Names We Love

In need of an unusual, meaningful name for your baby? Why not take a cue from the most romantic holiday of all and choose one inspired by Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day-Inspired Baby Names We Love MCarper/Shutterstock

These days, there are so many places you can find inspiration for your baby's name, but if the celebrity-selected monikers and trending names don't really speak to you, why not let Valentine's Day inspire your choice?

There are several names that have hints of the holiday—and its enduring spirit of love and romanticism—woven into both their sounds and their meanings. We happen to adore all of these choices. Whether you prefer the classics or lean towards the more exotic choices, there's something on this list that'll make you fall in love.


This name's meaning is pretty straightforward: it means "adore" in Latin. We love the original feel of this one—it's uncommon, but recognizably tied to a very common word. This would be the perfect subtle nod to the spirit of Valentine's Day.


Did you know that this popular name has a really special meaning? In Latin, the name means something along the lines of "having to be loved" or "deserving of love."


Amy might seem like an unexotic all-American name, but the moniker actually means "beloved" in French. Whether you stick to the common spelling or change it up a bit with the francophone spelling Aimee, this is always a classic choice—and one with a sweet tie to the day of love.


The French name literally means "love," which is appropriate because that's exactly what you can expect to feel when you see your baby girl for the first time.


Yet another name that translates to the word "love," the Welsh female name is gorgeous and interesting.


Who says Valentine's Day-inspired names are just for girls? We love the classic name David as much as we love the more unusual variation Davis. Both mean "beloved."


Yet another masculine name that means "beloved," Erasmus has such a strong, solid feel. It also has historical context, having appeared in ancient Greek scripts.


Flowers are one of those foolproof Valentine's Day gifts and they play a big role during the holiday. We love Flora, an old-fashioned yet interesting name that means—you guessed it—"flower."


Kalila is an exotic way to express the word "beloved." We love this beautiful Arabic name for a baby girl.


The Greek name means "loving." We think this would be a perfect name if you're looking to feminize the name Phillip—such a cute way to give siblings matching names or name a little girl after her father.


The name Priya is extremely popular in India and means "beloved" in Sanskrit. Pronounced Pree-YAH, it's one of those lovely, exotic names that's perfect for a girl born around Valentine's Day.


It's reminiscent of the greatest love story of all time—we're talking Romeo and Juliet—without being so on-the-nose. Roman (or even Rome) would be a truly romantic choice for your son.


Because why wouldn't you name your daughter after everyone's favorite Valentine's Day flower?


The name made popular by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is perfect for Valentine's Day—the holiday was named for Saint Valentine, after all.


This Sanskrit name means "loved one" and is a great, global choice for baby boys born around Valentine's Day.


Yet another name that means "beloved," Suki is a Japanese name for girls.


Whether you're expecting a boy or a girl, this is the most iconic Valentine's Day inspired name out there. We love this option for a baby born on Valentine's Day!