9 Times Breastfeeding Won in 2015

2015 was a good year for breastfeeding—from workplace policies to women standing up for their rights to nurse their babies in public. Here's to an even better 2016!

9 Times Breastfeeding Won in 2015 javi_indy/Shutterstock

This year might not have been the year that effectively 'freed the nipple'—but we're at least flashing it a little more now, without shame. There's always a lot of discussion around breastfeeding and sadly, a lot of it is negative. But what we loved about 2015 was how many women stood up wholeheartedly for their right to feed their babies when and wherever they please. From companies who gave them a place to breastfeed that was comfortable and kind (looking at you Target) to mamas who donated their own breast milk to help families, these were the stories that you liked and shared this year...

The video that showed just how many breastfeeding women the world has seen.

You might only read about the local breastfeeding viral story in your hometown, but there are women all across the world standing up for breastfeeding. And the nursing sit-ins featured in this video say it best: "It's a nipple. It's not a weapon." Amen.

One woman turned her tragedy into a miracle.

After a woman had a stillborn baby, she decided to turn the awful thing that happened to her to something positive for so many babies in need. She pumped, but didn't dump—instead, she donated 92 gallons of breast milk. Not only is it kind, but it's empowering for any woman who unfortunately has to experience a stillborn birth.

One woman was forced to show her breast pump to prove she wasn't a terrorist...

...but she used it as an opportunity to speak up about breastfeeding. Not only did Delta apologize to immediately, but mom Valarie Kaur received hundreds of positive remarks of support. Let it go down on the record that your breast pump, mama, is absolutely fine to be checked in your carry on.

Photographers get real about what breastfeeding looks like.

From a Florida-based photographer who depicts extended breastfeeding in her Honest Body Project to an Australian photographer who features breastfeeding across the world, we have to love the creative ways artists are normalizing something that's possibly, the most normal thing of all.

Breast milk could help prevent blindness in preemies.

A small study has found that preemies who have breast milk might regain their eyesight faster and more effectively than those who do not have breast milk. Could breast milk be something that we all should have longer in life? Scientists and nutritionists are starting to ask that very question.

Amanda F***ing Palmer signs books while breastfeeding.

We've always loved Amanda Palmer's powerful, confident attitude that doesn't take flack from anyone, but we kind of love her even more as a mom. Especially when she attends her own book signing with a very special accessory on her chest: her breastfeeding baby.

Country singer Jessie James Decker doesn't care what you think of her breastfeeding selfie...

...and we agree. It's not only beautiful, but her stance is almost as strong as her love for her new baby. It's so good, it even rivals the Gisele and the Mirand Kerr breastfeeding selfies.

Breastsleeping may be the only way you get some sleep as a new mom.

Though it might be a topic even more controversial than breastfeeding, some experts are recommending bed sharing as a way to get more sleep as a new parent. How does it work? Baby cries, you reach over and breastfeed and baby stays in the bed with you.

Twitter is now offering employees breast milk delivery.

If you're breastfeeding at Twitter and you need to get your breast milk to your baby, stat, don't worry. They'll personally deliver it for you so you don't have to worry and baby doesn't have to be hungry. Are they hiring?