A Breastfeeding Emoji Might be Coming to Your Keyboard Soon

Breastfeeding moms might be getting an emoji that accurately represents their baby feeding situations soon. 

Breastfeeding Emoji Emojipedia
It's a 21st century new mom dilemma: You need to quickly sign off from a text conversation to feed your child, and instead of typing out an explanation, you simply send an emoji to represent the act of feeding your baby.

The only problem is, there is no emoji to accurately represent baby feeding for so many new moms out there. But that might be changing soon. 

As of right now, a baby bottle is used to represent baby feeding—and that's fine—but breastfeeding moms need a little keyboard representation too. To that effect, a nurse named Rachel Lee submitted a proposal to Unicode (the emoji keyboard creator) requesting an addition to their lineup.

“I propose adding an emoji for breastfeeding as a complement to the existing baby bottle emoji, and to complete the set of family emojis. The lack of a breastfeeding emoji represents a gap in the Unicode Standard given the prevalence of breastfeeding in cultures around the world, and throughout history," Lee wrote. 

We are in throes of a movement to #NormalizeBreastfeeding, and this would definitely be a step in the right direction. Lee included a potential design for the emoji—it features a mother from the shoulders down holding her baby in the classic "cradle hold" position.

Lee isn't the only person who wants to see a breastfeeding emoji: The nurse included a link to a the top emoji requests of 2016. The list includes—you guessed it—a breastfeeding emoji.

"There is no emoji which represents the concept of breastfeeding either literally or figuratively. The closest emoji - Baby Bottle - is ineffective as a replacement, due to the global push for breastfeeding where possible," Lee wrote of the need for this type of emoji. "Using a baby bottle emoji as a substitute for a breastfeeding emoji would be like using a car emoji as a substitute for a bike. Both are forms of transport which achieve many of the same goals, but are clearly not interchangeable, and give a different message than intended."

This gets us thinking about other pregnancy and parenthood-related emojis we'd love to see: A baby bump perhaps? A green bow for expectant parents who want to announce pregnancy news but won't learn the baby's gender? A pickle to symbolize the quintessential pregnancy craving? What would you want to see?