Australian Senator Breastfeeds in Parliament, and It's a Huge Win for Working and Nursing Moms

A senator just made headlines for breastfeeding her little girl in Parliament after returning from maternity leave. We love everything about this!

Alia Joy is only two months old, but the newborn is already making headlines and history. Baby Alia is the daughter of Australian Senator Larissa Waters, who recently returned to work after maternity leave. Senator Waters took her baby along with her during an appearance in federal Parliament, and when the infant became hungry, she did what any mother would do: She began to breastfeed her baby.

The moment marked a major highlight in the movement to normalize breastfeeding: While this isn't the first time an official breastfed her baby in this setting, Alia was reportedly the first baby to have been breastfed in Australia's federal Parliament. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Senator Waters advocated for a recent change that allowed new parents to care for their children on the floor of Parliament. 

The senator tweeted out an image of herself nursing the baby along with the caption expressing her pride over the situation.

This is clearly a cause Senator Waters feels strongly about (as do we!): The working mom was actually making good on a promise to breastfeed her child at the workplace—she posted a photo of Alia shortly after her birth along with an announcement as to how she planned to handle the balance between motherhood and career.

"I'll be having a few more weeks off but will soon be back in parliament with this little one in tow," Senator Waters wrote in a Facebook post announcing Alia's arrival. "She is even more inspiration for continuing our work to address gender inequality and stem dangerous climate change. (And yes, if she's hungry, she will be breastfed in the Senate chamber)."

Props to this rockstar of a mama for making the working mother juggling act look easy (even though we know it's anything but!) and standing up for the rights of breastfeeding moms everywhere. How lucky is baby Alia to have such a wonderful role model?