Beating The Breastfeeding Booby Traps

Top 5 tips for beating the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R) from Best For Babes Foundation


The Best for Babes Foundation is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to Beating the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R)the barriers that prevent millions of moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals. Most moms want to and can breastfeed, they just need the right help to do it! Co-Founders Danielle Rigg and Bettina Forbes will be answering your questions in our live Facebook expert day breastfeeding chat about how navigate and avoid the Booby Trapsfrom the the hospital setting, to your pediatrician, among family members, at work, and when your out-and-about. Being as prepared for breastfeeding, as you are for labor and birth can really make a difference in getting your best game on and enjoying the experience from the get-go!

Below Best For Babes top five tips for success:

Get your best game on, girlfriend!

1. Treat breastfeeding like planning a wedding, or interviewing for a job. Pregnancy lasts nine months, the benefits of breastfeeding last a lifetime for you AND your babe. Take a good breastfeeding class, and find an excellent lactation counselor (IBCLC), and put their number in your speed dial.

2. Get inspired. Watch a mom nurse and ask questions. Find out what motivates you—that special connection, fewer dishes, fewer illnesses or more sleep (yes!). Psych yourself up—you can do it!

3. Be prepared: Avoid the "booby traps"—myths and misinformation that create unnecessary breastfeeding problems. Assemble an A-team now: your ob-gyn, hospital and pediatrician should be trained, not just giving you "breast is best" lip service — ask about their breastfeeding success rate. Find local resources and get your partner, friends and family to be your cheering squad so you can reach your personal best. Remind naysayers that we know more now, just like seatbelts and sunscreen! Almost all women can breastfeed successfully, and 95% of problems are easily solved with the right help.

4. Hit the ground running: Aim for a good latch within an hour of birth—and get a pro (like an IBCLC) to help you. Your baby is programmed to go from birth to the boob, both for comfort and colostrum—so weighing, tests, and relatives can wait. Snuggle up: skin-to-skin contact boosts your supply and cues baby to feed. Demand pasteurized, screened donor milk if a supplement is required or if you can't nurse. Remember, the first few days and weeks are a learning curve, but like riding a bike, you'll get the hang of it soon.

5. Make it work: Ask friends and family to bring a meal or hold the baby while you nap. Hang out with other nursing moms and scope out spots to nurse so you can get out of the house. Make sure your employer understands that breastfeeding equals greater productivity and accommodates your return to work. You and your baby are worth it, Babe!

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