Behold: The Breast Pump That Makes it Possible for Nursing Moms to Multitask

Can we get a "hell yes" for this breast pump, which might make it much easier for nursing mamas to pump?

Willow Breast Pump Willow Breast Pump  
Breastfeeding moms often have love/hate relationships with the pump. While so many adore the incredible bond they form with their children while nursing and the knowledge that they're providing the purest form of nutrition, attempting to breastfeed while you're back in the workforce—and having to find a spot (and a time) to pump during the work day? Well, let's just say that juggling act is anything but easy.

But new breast pump technology launched at the Consumer Electronics Show is for all the mamas out there who are constantly scrambling to pump at work, the ones who are always torn between caring for their older children and nursing their newborns, and the moms who wish they could find a way to sit down and eat lunch without neglecting mommy duties.

Willow is a smart, wearable breast pump that's a seriously far cry from the clunky, outdated devices that don't exactly make multitasking while pumping easy. This thing seems awesomely discreet, convenient and non-invasive. According to Willow's web site, the pump "works quietly inside your bra, collects your milk in an internal bag, and tracks your volume through the app. Now you can move freely and do things—real things—while you pump."

Um, hallelujah. So many moms are forced to step out of meetings, disrupt day-to-day activities and wrestle with less-than-elegant pumps on the daily, and a device like this might just put an end to all that. But, as always, there is a catch: As you may know, you can request a free breast pump through your insurance provider. In light of that, the $429 price tag for two pumps may seem pretty steep. If you're buying accessories (like milk bags or a charger) on top of the pump itself, the expense becomes even greater.

But if you're a mom who really struggles to balance the responsibilities of nursing alongside life's other obligations, that expense might be worth it. If so, you can add yourself to a list and be notified when the pump becomes available. Is this something you'd consider buying?