Bernie Sanders Thanks Breastfeeding Mom During Rally

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders took the time to personally thank a young mom for openly breastfeeding her baby at a rally for his candidacy.

Bernie Sanders Thanks Breastfeeding Mom During Rally Crush Rush/

Elle Bradford is a young mom who faced something so many new mothers deal with all too often. She was at a Bernie Sanders rally in Cleveland when her six-month-old daughter, Harper, needed to be fed. Bradford did what most moms would do: She fed her hungry child. Bradford was breastfeeding, and the fact that she was very much in a public place didn't stop her from doing what she needed to do.

And the presidential candidate thanked her for it.

Bradford spoke with WEWS-TV about the experience. "There is no, 'I'm feeding you in 10 minutes.' It's 'I'm feeding you right here, right now, or you're screaming,'" she said of why she chose to feed her daughter at the rally. A photo of Bradford standing to cheer for Sanders, her baby firmly latched to her breast, has gone viral.

But a viral photo isn't the only exciting thing that's happened since the event. "After the rally, Bernie and Jane O'Meara Sanders both thanked me for doing what mothers do and taking care of my daughter when she needed her mom," Bradford wrote on Facebook, "even if that meant nursing in public!"

Sanders even tweeted about the incident on his page. "As a society, we should never stigmatize women for breastfeeding in public," he posted along with a link to a news story about Bradford breastfeeding at the rally. Twitter users have joined the conversation by using the hashtag #BoobsForBernie along with their posts.

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