Best for Babes

Making breastfeeding as mainstream as motherhood itself.


A new non-profit organization, Babes for Breastfeedingâ„¢, is empowering new moms to breastfeed successfully, and to feel fabulous while doing it. Founded by mom-preneurs Bettina Forbes and Danielle Rigg, Babes for Breastfeedingâ„¢ and its for-profit funding arm, Best for Babesâ„¢, are aiming to make breastfeeding as mainstream as motherhood itself. The organization is appealing to corporations, celebrities, health foundations, and medical experts to unite and help spread the message that breastfeeding (or pumped or donated milk from a milk bank) is the hip, savvy and best way for moms to feed their children. They're encouraging women to prepare while pregnant to help avoid breastfeeding pitfalls, such as an incorrect latch, and to seek a lactation specialist if they're having difficulties.

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