Breastfeeding Questions

How to get the breastfeeding support you need


Is my baby getting enough milk? Why does he nurse every hour? Why do my nipples hurt? Can I do this? Got questions about breastfeeding? Every nursing mom does. One way to ensure that your experience is positive and successful is to get plenty of help and have your questions answered. Here’s how to find the support you need.

Talk to other nursing moms. Attend a La Leche League International meeting to hook up with women who are committed to breastfeeding and willing to share their experiences. LLLI is a breastfeeding advocacy and educational organization whose members include both lactation experts and experienced nursing moms. The group is also a great way to make new friends. There’s an LLLI chapter in virtually every city in the United States, and the monthly meetings are free; look in your white pages to find a meeting near you. Call (847) 519-7730 for LLLI’s free pamphlets, or call the help line at (800) 525-3243. Or visit



Check out online sources. The Nursing Mothers Advisory Council is one of the most comprehensive Web sites on the Internet. A breastfeeding index called “Breastfeeding Ring” links you to more than 100 different Web sites; log on to

For the latest research about the benefits of breastfeeding, check out the American Academy of Pediatrics Web site at

and the World Health Organization site at


Talk to an expert. Lactation consultants are part nurse and part friend, providing you with advice and tips to breastfeed successfully. If you have a premature baby or one with special needs, or if you are simply having problems, you will find their help invaluable. Many insurance companies pay for consultations, or your county health department might pay the fee. To find a lactation consultant in your area, ask your physician, midwife or pediatrician, or call the International Lactation Consultant Association at (919) 787-5181.