Cool New Video Fights for Public Breastfeeding

Who says breastfeeding in public is wrong? We definitely don't... and neither do the women who appear in this video, who just want to feed their babies in peace.

Cool New Video Fights for Public Breastfeeding ATTN:/Facebook

If 2015 has taught us anything, it's that moms will always put their babies first. Even if that means, ahem, 'freeing the nipple' to breastfeed in public. This year, moms staged nursing stand-ins, created petitions and even viral videos trying to normalize breastfeeding. And while some things are changing—we're looking at you in awe, Target—most of the country, and even the world, still has a long way to go to make nursing in public better for women.

Social impact company Attn wanted to bring this problem to our attention (see what they did there?) with a new video featuring moms sharing some of the worst things people have said to them while they breastfed in public. To name a few: "You should have more respect for yourself" or "I'm here to escort you to the ladies room so you can finish."

Yeah, we're rolling our eyes too.

But the good news? The video continues to feature the movements around the world where women are standing up and proud with their nipples out (sorry, we had to!) to support a mama's right to feed her child. We're kind of obsessed with what some of the moms say like, "They are nipples, they are not weapons!" Exactly! It's pretty incredible to see moms in California, London, Sydney, China and Bulgaria taking care of their kiddos and helping to pave the path for more women to breastfeed without trouble.

Since babies eat 8-12 times a day and it's highly recommended to breastfeed for the first six months (if you can), it shouldn't be a question if a mom should breastfeed in public. Instead, the question should be: "Can I do something for you to make it easier?"

One day, mamas. One day. Get inspired by the video below and here's to another year—and another step forward for breastfeeding.