Get Outside

Why I loved nursing in the great outdoors.


To celebrate National Breastfeeding Month, Fit Pregnancy has been hosting live Facebook chats with breastfeeding experts and there have been plenty of questions about how to handle the rough patches that come up when you and your baby first begin breastfeeding. Nursing is challenging for most moms, and it was for me initially, too. But once you get the kinks worked out and you decide that you're going to give this nursing thing a go for the long haul, it eventually gets to a point where it just becomes a part of your life and, dare I say, easy. I got there around the 8-month mark after finally weaning my son from night feedings. He was also eating solids by then, so I wasn't nursing as often: During the week, I was breastfeeding only when my son woke up and before he went to bed, and on the weekends, I added a few sessions in between meals as needed.

I spent a lot of time breastfeeding in the glider in my son's room, but my favorite memories of nursing are of being outside. I've breastfed on the beach and on the pretty patio of a swanky hotel. I also nursed my son in a pick-your-own blueberry field. It was so hot that I had given up on picking and the sun seemed to be everywhere, but I found a patch of shade beneath a particularly large berry bush. (In fact, it was so nice that I snapped a self-portrait so I could capture the experience.)

After being in an office all week and tied to a schedule of daycare and commuting, nursing outdoors on the weekend always felt so decadent. I was forced to sit down and relax so that I could feed my son, and being outside made it that much nicer. Plus, it was often an excuse to sneak away and spend some much needed time alone. Well, I wasn't really alone, but my son was occupied and happy to be eating—and I was happy to be there with him enjoying the moment.