The Healing Power of This Mom's Breast Milk Will Amaze You

A mom posted an amazing image of her breast milk, and it's going viral for a very interesting reason. Prepare to see your boobs differently forever.

The Healing Power of Breast Milk Will Amaze You Mallory Smothers/Facebook

Today in another reason to be a big supporter of breastfeeding and in awe of your breast milk: Your body can sense when your baby needs something and it can change. As one mom, Mallory Smothers from Arkansas, discovered through this viral image on Facebook, the color of your milk can change based on how you're feeling or your baby's health.

Smothers was up at 3 a.m. for one of those late-night feedings, when she considered her baby might be sick. She was congested, sneezing and irritable. Mom fed her as normal, put her to bed and didn't think much of it until she pumped the following morning. Instead of being the off-white color that most breast milk is, it came out with a yellow-ish tint, kind of how 'first milk' looks for many moms when they first start to breastfeed.

She did her research and discovered that a mom's milk can change to meet the needs of her baby. The 'yellowish' milk has more nutrients and good-for-her parts that her daughter could use to fight her cold. Pretty cool right? It's no joke, it's actually scientifically proven: a study published in the Journal of Clinical & Transnational Immunology noted that colostrum (that early-day breast milk) has a high amount of disease-fighting cells that decrease over time. But it comes back should mom or baby get sick.

But how did her body know? From baby's saliva that enters her system and gives a signal that baby isn't well. That tells her all-powerful-crazy-impressive female bod to produce breast milk that's high in leukocytes to help her daughter feel better ASAP. Once baby has moved past the cold? The milk will return to normal.

We don't know about y'all, but we're definitely in awe. Team breast milk forever!