How the Oscars Treated Breastfeeding Moms

The Oscars had their fair share of controversy this year, but it's not over yet. How do you feel about the way the Academy handled breastfeeding moms?

How the Oscars Treated Breastfeeding Moms Helga Esteb/

Despite this year's #OscarsSoWhite controversy, the 88th Academy Awards had some truly incredible moments. There were electrifying performances from stars like Lady Gaga and Sam Smith. There was best actress Brie Larson, who stood to hug every single sexual assault victim who joined Gaga onstage after the performance concluded. And of course, there was Leonardo DiCaprio's incredibly well-deserved and long-awaited best actor win.

But if you were a breastfeeding mom at the event, you may have missed one of those epic moments.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, best supporting actor nominee Tom Hardy was spotted waiting outside the main event. "I'm just waiting for my wife to finish breast-pumping in the bathroom," he reportedly said "She has to do it every hour."

It's incredibly sweet of Hardy to wait with his wife, Charlotte Riley, but it's kind of ridiculous if the Academy actually mandated that breastfeeding moms head to the bathroom every time they need to pump. The Oscars are essentially about movies, which are essentially about fantasies—but the awards show isn't a fantasy, it's real life. And the fact that a woman is wearing her red carper hat, clad in a stunning gown and an inch of makeup doesn't mean she can stop being a mother—and let's not forget how hard it has to be to pump when you're wearing that aforementioned gown.

Adele prompted discussion at 2013's event when she told The Guardian about her own experience during awards season. "Running to the toilet, between awards, to pump-and-dump. Which loads of people were doing, by the way. All these Hollywood superstars, lined up and breastfeeding in the ladies. No, I can't say who. Because I saw their tits," she said.

For their part, the a representative from the Academy reached out to Refinery 29 to make a statement about a piece they ran on this issue. It reads: "For several years now, the Academy has accommodated breast-feeding moms to ensure their comfort and convenience during the Oscars ceremony. This year was no exception. We have a nurse on site and a private area set aside for this purpose. Discretion does not permit us to elaborate further other than to say that our talent department goes to great lengths to tailor each mom's experience to fit her specific needs."

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