It's Here! Postpartum: The Musical

Being a new mom is joyful, exhausting and can leave you laughing or crying—which is no doubt why the HelloFlo folks thought it would be make for a good musical.

HelloFlo Releases Postpartum: The Musical

Being a new mom can be crazy, messy and, yes, amazing—but it can also be super rough (hello, 4 a.m. feeds). From breastfeeding disasters to pee in your face, sometimes you just gotta laugh it off.

Enter HelloFlo, the monthly subscription service you might remember from when you last got a period. The brand released a hilarious new musical parody on post-birth life this week, called Postpartum: The Musical.

The LOL-worthy clip covers everything about that time after baby that no one seems to talk—or laugh—about. From the less-funny-in-real-life condition of mastitis to—eek!—vaginal fallout, lyrics like these will feel totally relatable to any new mom:

"My boobs are swollen, red and sore. I leak a lot, then I leak some more. Fever's got me down for days, it's what the doctors call malaise. It sucks; I'm trapped. My ducts are trapped and my nipples are chapped. Mastitis! My tatas are hard as rocks."

Sound familiar? The good news is, once you've experienced life with a new baby, there's not much you can't do. As the musical's star puts it: "I have suction cups attached to my nipples. Squeezing milk out of my rock-hard boobs. I fear nothing."

Give it a watch. We can't guarantee it'll soothe your sore nipples, but it might just have you belting "mastiiiiitiiiiis" in the shower.