Latest Joey Salads Breastfeeding Video is a Little Odd

In the second part of his video series on breastfeeding, Joey Salads is trying to make a point about when breasts are acceptable in public—but he goes a little far.

This Latest Breastfeeding Video is a Little Odd Joey Salads/Facebook

Now, don't get us wrong—anyone who stands up in defense of (totally normal, awesome, great-for-babies) breastfeeding is taking a step in the right direction. But the latest viral breastfeeding video created by Joey Salads has us a little confused.

Known for his extremist, share-worthy videography (remember that time he showed moms how easily their children will walk away with a complete stranger? Our hearts are still racing from it!), Salads raises the same question that many breastfeeding advocates ask: if a woman's breasts sans baby aren't offensive, why does having a baby nursing on them suddenly rub people the wrong way?

It's a good-intentioned experiment, and though the video (in our humble opinion) seems a tad bit staged and rehearsed, we have to wonder why women can only be two things: a lady with her boobs hanging out or a covered-up mom, barely showing the top of her breasts, feeding a child.

The other thing that feels a little icky is Joey's presence in the video—why is he hovering over them and jumping in for their defense? We're pretty sure these women could handle the conversation on their own, but they barely say anything in the entire video.

While it's important to shed light on important issues—like normalizing breastfeeding—it's also a thin line to walk between stereotyping women and elevating them as mothers at the same time. This video tries to hit the mark, but it comes up a little short. And frankly, sends a stronger message to women to speak up for what they believe, the choices they make and of course, their right to feed their babe—or show off their nice rack—whenever and however they please.