Minnesota Vikings Install Stadium Nursing Pods

This NFL team is taking the lead in providing safe, comfortable breastfeeding facilities for moms and their youngest football fans. We suddenly heart The Vikings.

Minnesota Vikings Install Stadium Nursing Pods Minnesota Vikings

Football season is already in full swing—and you know what that means: Tailgates and trips to the stadium to watch your favorite team play. But going to these games with your breastfeeding infant in tow brings with it a whole host of challenges. Who wants to feed their child in a nasty (and likely freezing) stadium bathroom?

The Minnesota Vikings have heard the cries of their female fans and are responding in a pretty awesome way. The team just announced it's installing two lactation suites in the team's temporary home stadium on the University of Minnesota campus by the time the team plays a home game with the Kansas City Chiefs on Oct. 18.

Each 4-foot by 8-foot Mamava pod will include benches, an electrical outlet for pumps and a locking door. On the outside? The Vikings logo, because moms want to represent their team at all times. Team officials are also planning suites at the Vikings' training facility and offices in Eden Prairie and Minneapolis, along with more suites when the team moves into its new stadium in 2016.

The Mamava pods are popping up at airports and locations around the country, but as far as we can tell this is the first installation in a pro sports team's facilities.

"While we certainly encourage breastfeeding mothers to nurse where they feel comfortable, we have become increasingly aware of the need many moms have for the privacy and comfort that these Mamava lactation suites provide," Vikings chief operating officer Kevin Warren said in a statement.

Besides being safer, it makes perfect business sense; many women are huge NFL fans and if this encourages more of them to attend a game, everyone wins. Not to mention all the new fans the Vikings will earn because of their pro-women stance—I'm certainly one now!

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