Mom Spoofs Dr. Seuss with Nursing Parody

Does breastfeeding Baby have you crying tears of pain AND joy, often at the same time? The Places You'll Feed!, one Mom's Dr. Seuss-style spoof on nursing, gets you.

Mom Spoofs Dr. Seuss with Nursing Parody

If we've learned one thing from World Breastfeeding Week, it's that nursing is no way as easy as it looks. Mamas have to work hard to do what they do, whether that's fighting for a more pump-friendly workplace (we're looking at you, Donald Trump), attempting to nurse in public without harassment, getting your baby to latch on, or simply fighting for the right to post about it (#brelfie).

So much politics, pressure and emotion go into what women have been doing forever, and will continue to do forever: feeding their babies. Sometimes, if you're not crying from cracked nipples, you just gotta laugh about it. And that's just what The Places You'll Feed!, a nursing mom's take on Dr. Seuss from author Lauren Hirshfeld Belden ($15, Amazon), will help you do.

This lighthearted, giggle-inducing romp through the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding attempts to explain, in full Seussian glory, what it means to nurse your babe with LOL-worthy lines like:

You'll love it and hate it, as you already know. You'll hate it and love it— This milk-making flow.


There's milk in your boobs. Your babe needs to eat. It's time to get topless, and offer at teat!

If it sounds all-too-familiar to you moms out there, it's because the author knows what she's talking about. Taken aback by just how difficult the supposedly straightforward process of nursing her little girl, now 3, could be, Hirshfeld Belden decided to take to the page to present a humorous dose of reality to the ups and downs of breastfeeding. "I had a really hard time breast-feeding my daughter. It was not the idyllic blissful experience I'd seen in magazines or heard in my birthing class," she told Fit Pregnancy. "Somebody needs to write about this," she remembered thinking. And, it turned out she was that somebody.

Finishing the book's witty rhymes in two-and-a-half hours, it took her another two-and-a-half years to find an illustrator and get it published. The end result, she hopes, will get more moms talking about breastfeeding—the good, bad, and ugly. "I wanted it to be kind of a nod and an ode to all these people who go to such great lengths to feed their baby," she says.

So whether you're about to start breastfeeding, or have done it for years, there's something to chuckle over in this whimsical book. (Check out a the highlights below as proof.) But don't let the whimsy fool you: there's truth in them words.