Must-See Video Imagines What Would Happen if Men Breastfed

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if men were the ones who breastfed? This video gives us an idea.

Breastfeeding moms certainly don't have it easy: Nursing a child isn't just physically and emotionally taxing, it's also a tough thing to navigate socially. But would this still be the case if men were the ones breastfeeding?

Naya Health doesn't seem to think so—the organization recently released a video that poses an important question: If men were the ones breastfeeding “would we still be dealing with outdated breast pumps, closets that double as lactation rooms, and a work culture that treats pumping as an inconvenience?”

The video shows what it might look like if nursing men went to work: A male employee is led to a breastfeeding lounge covered in portraits of male historical figures nursing. Breastpumps are high-tech and commonplace. Men sit comfortably at a bar while pumping milk—no one gives them a second look.

"Do you think our wives have any idea how hard we have it?" one breastfeeding man asks.

"There's a reason men do this job," another replies.

Naya Health chose to explore this topic for a simple reason: Women deserve better. The company explored the way society views and treats nursing mothers: subpar maternity-leave policies, the shame that nursing moms face, and the difficulties associated with returning to work while you're breastfeeding are all touched on in the video. Naya has rolled out some incredibly high-tech products in the hopes of making the lives of nursing moms a bit easier as well.

"I found the experience of transitioning back to work after giving birth to be very curious. Maternity leaves are short, support and accommodations in the workplace are lacking, and the technology is crappy. You should never have to describe technology that touches your breasts frequently and enables you to provide nutrition as “crappy”, but that’s what it is," Naya CEO Janica Alvarez said, according to a blog post on the video. "Women deserve better. This video is a way to insert Naya Health into the conversation about health and wellness of moms and babies. Naya is doing its part by creating better technology. It’s time for all of us to step up and make the world a better place for the working mom. Far too often women find themselves deciding between their family and career. The two must co-exist for today’s mother."

What changes would you like to see to help breastfeeding moms?