Need a Nursing Pod? Step Up & Cast Your Vote

Two mom-friendly companies, Seventh Generation and Mamava, have joined forces to crowdsource the best locations for two breastfeeding pods to help moms on the go.

Need a Nursing Pod? Step Up & Cast Your Vote

Breastfeeding on-the-go is always a challenge, and now two mom-championing companies are teaming up to make nursing and pumping away from home easier, and less awkward.

In honor of National Breastfeeding Month, household and baby care brand Seventh Generation has launched a national crowdsourcing campaign to identify two new spots for Mamava mobile nursing pods. These self-contained private units, which feature comfy benches and electrical outlets, are already in use in 55 locations across the country, such as airports and malls.

"We believe moms shouldn't have to use their breast pumps in the bathroom, or struggle to find a comfortable place to nurse," Sascha Mayer, founder of Mamava told Fit Pregnancy.

For the next two weeks, moms can vote on their desired locations for two new pods. Seventh Generation will select the top four locations to take part in a final round of voting, beginning August 25. The two winning spots will then receive a Seventh Generation-sponsored breastfeeding suite.

"We believe all moms deserve a safe, clean and comfortable place to use a breast pump or breastfeed—anywhere, anytime—and understand this can often pose a challenge, particularly for moms that are traveling or away from home," John Moorhead, brand manager at Seventh Generation told Fit Pregnancy. "We're excited to bring Mamava's great resource to more moms across the country and provide them with a life free and clear of uncomfortable nursing or pumping locations."

While, according to Mayer, there is never an ideal nursing location, since every mom's experience is unique, she's "encouraging moms to share their input on where they've had a need for a safe and clean place to nurse or pump, be it at an airport, a college campus, mall, playground or elsewhere."

Maybe you don't need a dedicated nursing pod, since your local park bench does you just fine, but maybe, just maybe, you could use a nook somewhere. If that's you, now you can have your say at