Nursing In Public

Stylish ways to nurse your baby in public—or even pump at work—without baring it all.

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The right clothes can definitely make the prospect of nursing in public a bit less stressful, as they're designed for easy, discreet access to your breasts. Still, it can take some practice—and time—before you feel ready to try it. Here's advice from Heather Kelly, a lactation consultant in New York City and a member of the Bravado Breastfeeding Information Center's advisory board, on how to (eventually) nurse in public like a pro."¨"¨

Be patient. It can take several weeks for you and your baby to become adept enough at nursing before you feel ready to negotiate unbuttoning, positioning and latching with other people around. "¨"¨

Practice at home. "Wear your bra and nursing clothes and practice in front of a mirror," Kelly advises. "¨"¨

Watch another mom. There's nothing like learning from someone in the know. "¨"¨Choose a nursing-friendly place Kelly recommends your local playground or coffee house. "Start with a comfortable, open-minded public place," she says. Also consider going with another nursing mom. "There's power in numbers," she adds.

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