Photo Proves How Incredible Breast Milk Really Is

Breastfeeding's powers continue to impress us—and this recent photo alerted us to yet another way breast milk is liquid gold.

Just when we thought we had heard about every amazing benefit of breast milk, a photo shared to social media highlights yet another reason its nickname is "liquid gold."

Breastfeeding Mama Talk, a community where new moms can discuss and celebrate nursing, featured a shot of two bags of pumped milk that look significantly differente—one is a more vibrant shade of yellow, the other is a creamy off-white. The crazy part? Both bags of milk came from the same mom.

The mother, Chelsea Pryce, shared this message along with the photo: "I'm often asked how the body would be able to make perfectly tailored milk when mom is nursing more than one child... "Osiris (2yo) was sick, Hendrix (3m) was not. I kept them on separate breasts each day to avoid baby getting sick. Osiris's pumped breast milk is on the left, Hendrix's is on the right. Each breast produced perfectly tailored milk for each kid. Our bodies are amazing."

This isn't the first time we've seen something like this: As we previously reported, another mom noticed her breast milk resembled the disease-fighting colostrum the body produces right after birth when her child was sick. A baby's saliva indicates that he or she is sick, and your body can detect that and adapt the breast milk accordingly. This effect appears to have happened in Pryce's case as well...the only difference being that only one of her breasts appeared to change the quality of its milk to accommodate her sick child. 

As the photo's commenters pointed out, breast milk can also change throughout the day and based on what a woman eats, but in this case, it's seemingly all about the milk's capacity to give a child exactly what he or she needs. And that's pretty amazing.