Photo Shows Irony of Public Breastfeeding

This amazing photo has made a big impact on breastfeeding moms all over the world who have been forced to nurse their babies in the worst possible places.

Photo Shows Irony of Public Breasfeeding Tamar Shugert Photography

Breastfeeding in public is an issue we at Fit Pregnancy have been forced to defend a lot lately—from Alyssa Milano getting flack for posting another nursing pic to our right to pump (safely) while driving. So we were pretty psyched to see this pic from Israeli photographer and mom-of-two Tamar Shugert.

Any moms who have been forced to breastfeed in a cramped bathroom stall will relate to the side-by-side photo collage Shugert entered for a photo challenge on the Facebook page of photography website 52Frames.

In the pic, Shugert is awkwardly seated in a bathroom stall with a dejected look on her face, nursing her baby behind a cover. In the stall next door her predicament is mirrored by her husband, who squats equally uncomfortably, scarfing a plate of pasta.

The juxtaposition highlights the absurdity of women being shamed into breastfeeding in private, but less desirable places, like public bathrooms. And the caption just nails it: "I should feed my baby where??? My baby eating is not a gross side-effect of having children. If you are not willing to eat your lunch in the bathroom, then don't expect me to feed my kid there!"

Shared over 1,200 times on Facebook, the photo has made a big impression with moms all over the world who are tired of hiding to nurse their babies.

Why We Need Photos Like This

Public statements in support of breastfeeding, like Shugert's, are needed more than ever when horror stories, like one told by a recent United Airlines passenger who was shamed for breastfeeding on a plane by a flight attendant, are still making the rounds.

According to her account on Twitter, Kristen Hilderman was breastfeeding her five-month-old son on a flight from Houston to Vancouver (behind a nursing tank top), while it taxied on the runway, when a male flight attendant loudly asked her husband: "Are you two together?" When he said yes, the airline's employee threw a blanket at him and barked loud enough for everyone to hear: "Then HERE, help her out."

The incident left Hilderman understandably mortified and angry. "I am so furious about this entire incident," she said. "I've been breastfeeding my son in myriad public places since he was born, and never has anyone made me feel so uncomfortable and ashamed for feeding my baby."

Not only was the flight attendant's behavior out of line, it was also against the law. Texas is one of 48 states that protect women's right to nurse on private property, as well as public. So next time you board a plane, you might want to come prepared ... not with a blanket, but knowing your rights.