Spoken-Word Poet Slams Breastfeeding Critics in Powerful Video

Tired of the looks you get when feeding your child in public? Make this your new anthem. 

British spoken-word poet Hollie McNish wrote an incredibly powerful poem in a public bathroom. It was actually a fitting place for the artistic achievement to be born—after all, the toilet inspired her art, which makes a major statement about a major issue.

"Embarrassed" takes a big, loud, no-holds-barred stab at the status of breastfeeding in our world today. The words came to McNish when she was feeding her child while cooped up in a bathroom stall—which is, sadly, something many mothers can relate to. 

The poem is called "Embarrassed" because the creator felt exactly that when she attempted to breastfeed her daughter during the first six months of her life. So, she found ways to hide while nourishing her little one to avoid scorn from others who look down upon mothers for breastfeeding in public places. Eventually, though, McNish realized that someone needed to speak out about the stigma—and "Emarrassed" was born. In the poem, she also takes a hit at society's "obsession with [breasts]," asking why it's OK for magazine covers to show them but not mothers who are just trying to do the most natural thing in the world. 

This video is certainly worth a watch, especially for anyone who thinks breastfeeding needs to always be done in private. It just might change your mind in a big way.