Target Rolls Out Awesome Breastfeeding Policy

Target unveils revolutionary new pro-breastfeeding policy, which is making nursing moms all over the country love the retail giant more than ever.

Target Rolls Out Awesome Breastfeeding Policy artzenter/

If you've ever had to nurse your baby in public, you know the stress that it can sometimes cause. Not only do you have to find a space, but you sometimes have to face rude stares from strangers and, even worse, a business that may or may not appreciate your exposed breast. What you're most concerned about—and frankly, the only thing you should worry about—is making sure your baby is happy and fed.

Target agrees, and has instituted a new policy that supports breastfeeding moms, no matter where they are in their stores.

In an image shared by Mama's Milkies and then Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook pages, the retail outlet outlines the guidelines for allowing mamas to breastfeed in their stores (check it out below), which include offering them a fitting room, but allowing them to nurse wherever in their store.

What's not to love about the brilliance and acceptance of this? We are especially impressed that regardless of there being a line or not, fitting rooms are an option and employees are advised not to offer a bathroom. They might just join the ranks with Ikea in our best places to nurse in America list.

Breastfeeding moms of the interwebs are rejoicing, with the image being shared more than 40,000 times with thousands of happy comments.

We gotta say—Target struck a home run on this one. We hope more and more companies will take note.