This Artist Creates Breastfeeding Mermaids (And Yep, It's Awesome)

Um, can we be part of her world ASAP?!

A lifelong artist, Lissa James had always painted with acrylics—until her now 2-year-old daughter, Violet, was born and changed her world. One day while breastfeeding, James became inspired to paint with watercolors. Her first piece of watercolor artwork was of herself and daughter as mermaids, and with that, she was hooked. The artist started painted watercolors of women breastfeeding their babies as mermaids, and now she's painted dozens of beautiful 'under the sea' images for all sorts of mamas.

"I quickly fell in love with the art of mixing the empowerment of women with the fantasy and beauty of mermaids," she told Fit Pregnancy. Empowering women is something James knows all about, as she writes about her personal experiences in parenting and in life on her blog, Bumblebee Lullabies, which she started as a way to channel and connect with other moms. Here, she shows support to those struggling with postpartum, PTSD, anxiety and more. With her Mermamame series, she's continuing her mission. "My hope is to unite all mothers and families, regardless of parenting styles or feeding preferences," she said.

She's also picking up on another Instagram trend—freeing the nipple. "I believe in the equality of men and women, which is why a lot of my mermaids have their nipples exposed," she says. "I do this with my art to encourage equal rights by helping to normalize breastfeeding."

Get inspired by James' paintings on her Instagram and check out some more below: